Last reminder for the je_united exchange

Hello everyone,

it's the last reminder for our this years je_united exchange. Come and join to make the party even bigger :D

we want to invite you to the this years je_united exchange. It's our second time we start this exchange, and we really hope to see a lot of you there <3

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Maya & Cheryll

BL: Baby Love

Title: BL: Baby Love
Pairings/characters: Tamamori Yuta/Miyata Toshiya (main), Fujigaya/Yokoo, the rest of Kis-my-ft2, Abc-z, special guest star: Yamapi
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: male pregnancy
A/N: This is my first time writing fanfic/posting here! I hope you enjoy~

Tama and Miyata find out they're going to have a baby, there's a cupcake incident, a baby shower, and Tama mood swings.

BL: Baby Love